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It has never been this easy to watch TV shows and series online for free! Smartphones are cheap to get, the Internet connection is stable and strong, data packages are available at low cost, and free movie sites are mushrooming everywhere. So why need a television or cable subscription to watch your favorite TV show? If safety and quality are your biggest concerns when considering a free movie site, it is time to check out! We are confident to bring you the best and safest watching experience with our high quality content and excellent features. And please be noted, you can have full access to our collection of TV shows and series without paying any dime or taking any risk.  

What is
Watchseries is a safe and great site to watch TV shows and series in HD quality with zero ads at no cost. We host a huge pool of shows with tens of thousands of titles covering all genres and subgenres. If you have a hard time looking for your favorite show on movie sites, you are highly likely to find it on as we focus on shows and series only. You can find here almost any title, from worldwide famous series from big-name studios to regional hidden gems, from the latest releases to shows that are even older than you. Beside an extensive content library, also provides free users with features that are normally exclusive to paid users only on premium sites such as a zero ad experience, fast loading speed, HD quality, seamless streaming feature, etc. What sets us apart from other free sites is our excellent customer service. We are on active mode 24/7 to make sure you have an untroubled overall experience on our site. 

Is or 123Movies Better for Streaming Movies and Shows?
Although 123movies is a popular site for movies and TV shows, it might not have your series or shows of interest. Free movie sites like 123movies have a tendency to focus more on movies; therefore, their pool of TV shows and series is not rich. Not to mention that, it is riskier to use 123movies due to the overwhelming number of fake sites. After the shutdown of 123movies back in 2018, many scammers decided to make fast money by making 123movies clones. Those sites can do more harm than good to your device, as their owners didn’t have a good intention to start with. To sum it up, if you are interested in watching TV shows and series safely and freely, it is better to stick with sites that are ad-free and specialized in them. And is such a site. 

Is It Illegal to Use
We are not going to sugarcoat it, is a pirated site. However, watching TV shows and series online on Watchseries website is not considered illegal, according to copyright attorneys. Online movie streaming does not break the copyright laws, but if you download or share pirated files, you might face criminal or civil charges. Therefore, you should either stick with online movie streaming only or use a reliable VPN to stay anonymous to avoid legal issues.

Is safe?
Many people are hesitant to check out free movie sites and they have valid reasons to be so. Some sites use “free” as bait to lure unlucky victims. These sites should be avoided at all costs. Most other sites are not that ill-intentioned; however, they need to sell ads for an income and ads are risky to our device and identity. But on, you are completely safe from ads, pop ups, and commercials. We are an ad-free site, meaning that we do not carry any risk of viruses, trojans, malware, and other malicious computer programs. Besides, Watchseries site does not require any registration or signup, which means users do not need to reveal any private information to have full access to our content library and features. With no information shared, there will be no information leaked, and your identity will be kept safe 100%. It is not exaggerating to say we are the safest site for free movie streaming you can find in 2021. 

How To Download From
Please be warned that downloading movies might cause you trouble with copyright authorities. If you decide to proceed at your own risk, you should stay anonymous by using a reliable VPN. To download a video from, you will need to go to the subpage to play it. When you see the Download Button, click on it, and wait for it to finish downloading. 

What Happened To
If you have been familiar with free movie sites, you will realize that we do not last forever, sadly. If one day you cannot access, please do not panic, we might be temporarily closed for technical maintenance, or in the worst case, due to the extreme pressure from the movie industry. Please be patient as we will come back, as long as you still support us. 

Why Is Not Working?
To check the status of, please type our domain name in this link For the latest updates, you can also follow us on our SNS accounts such as Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 

Why Should You Watch TV Shows and Series Online for Free on
Because we can provide you a premium watching experience at the cost of nothing. Why pay ten bucks a month for a subscription plan to paid streaming services when you can get the same quality for free on And here is the list of features that you can enjoy as free users on our site: 
- Extensive content library: provides you with tens of thousands of TV shows and series covering all genres and subgenres such as Action, Thriller, Sci-fi, Documentary, game shows, etc. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it here. 
- HD Resolution: HD quality is one of the “must-haves” when considering a movie site. Unfortunately, many free sites save it for paid users only. But it is not the case on We provide you HD quality (720p) at no cost and you can even adjust it to have a smooth watching experience in case your Internet connection is unstable. 
- Seamless streaming experience: Lagging and buffering are mood killers on a movie night. It is unbearable to wait for a minute to get to watch your shows for 5 seconds. But it is not going to be your problem at thanks to our fast load times and seamless streaming feature. 
- Daily database updates: We update our content library on a daily basis with requested titles, or random gems. The latest releases are updated right after they come out officially. So check the site frequently in order not to miss out on any interesting content. 
- Friendly user interface: Navigating and browsing through is as simple and easy as searching on Google. All you need to do is to search for the title of choice with the search box, use the filter system to find what suits your interest or scroll through for suggestions on the full site. 
- Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported: With these two features, you never need to stop your watching spree. You can enjoy your favorite shows and series wherever you go, whenever you are free, on whatever Internet enabled device you have.
- Zero ads: Ads are annoying as they not only carry risks but also interrupt our seamless watching experience. Therefore, the ad-free feature on is one of the biggest strengths that help us stand out from the crowd. 
- No account or registration needed to watch series: Your overall experience on is expected to be completely hassle-free and painless. You are not required to make an account or register to have full access to our database and features. All you need to do is to search for the content of interest, watch it, and leave when you are finished. 
- Best customer service: We are at your service 24/7 to make sure you have no troubles using the site. Also, we are open to any feedback and request, so do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need anything. 

Watchseries is a Free Movies streaming site with zero ads. We let you watch movies online without having to register or paying, with over 10000 movies and TV-Series. You can also Download full movies from Watchseries and watch it later if you want.